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Hong Kong , Age 53

Michael Wong Lee Sing

By chance, my friend present us 2 boxes of Naturion Collagen during them visit to Hong Kong. But we did not consume it till some time my wife were twisted her leg aftter falling from the staircase in Taiwan trip. I were then advised by ,y foreign friend to consume the Nturion Collagen which may help to rebuild amd to recovery from bone injury. After intake of 2 sachets per day within 1~2 month, she recovering from her broken leg. At the same time her skin complexion were getting smoother as well as brighten pigmentation gaining.

Kuala lumpur ,

Christina Q

I personally like it. The only thing is the rather strong fishy smell. Is there anything we can do with the smell? I guess not…no harm asking. It is definitely stronger than others I’ve tried. I did a frequency test against my body levels and the results came out superb.

Melaka , Age 49

Puan Nagamah A/P V. Perumal

As aging growth, osteoporosis and asteortrisis problem occurs on both sides of my legs. It is serious enough to make my feet swell when walking and so much pain during rest or sleep. I was advised to take two sachets of Naturion Collagen each day. After taking second package of the product, I notice that my pain was diminishing & sleep better without pain. My job is made easier despite knee pain is still felt. In addition, my body is getting stronger and feel relieved when passing water.

Seremban ,

Jojoh Lee

On and off, I have been having pains, especially at the knees. I find it difficult to train for my runs and climbs, as I have an active lifestyle. I started taking one sachet of Naturion Collagen in the morning and one at night. Upon finishing the second pack, I could feel a distinct difference in my skin and joint conditions. After finishing 3 packs, I went on my 16-day Everest Circuit Trek (ECT) to Nepal, whereby I continued with one sachet a day. During the ECT, we trekked an average of 6 to 10 hours a day, covering 8 to 12 kms. We spent about 9 days at elevations of more than 4,000 meters, higher than the summit of Mt Kinabalu.

Singapore , 64

Dr. YC Wong Associate Professor

I took the Naturion collagen daily 2 packets upon my return to Singapore. I noticed significant improvement in joint mobility & reduction in stiffness of the affected left knee within 3 days of therapy. Now that I am on the 3rd week of collagen, I can walk fairly freely without a limp, and able to climb stair case without difficult. This improvement occured even before I started my physiotherapy. Thank you for introducing the Naturion collagen therapy; it certainly makes a remarkable difference in my recovery from meniscus injury.

Seremban , Age 54

Madam Chan Siew Moi

All the while, my daily working life is rather stressful. Feeling tiredness or sleepless at all time. Body getting lumpy and out of shape after marriage. Until recently, I was introduce by my fellow friend from Malaysia to drink “Naturion collagen” during my vacation at Kuala Lumpur. Result was great after 1 month continue drinking of the collagen, I am feel energetic to work and my body become firming and younger looking than my previous.